Welcome everyone that loves to make a change!

We are the British Red Cross on Campus society, University of Aberdeen. We are a proud delegation of the British Red Cross!

Over here, we promote and execute the mandate and the mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross of helping people in crisis worldwide. Some of the activities we are involved in include
• Prompt and effective response to aid people affected by armed conflict
• Provision of minor first aid emergencies within the campus
• Responding to disasters in conflict zones through fundraising and other social events.

We provide the opportunity for passionate students who want to help people in need across the globe, create a positive impact, join a network of individuals with a similar aim of doing good in the world, and gain valuable transferable skills while at it!
Volunteering at British Red Cross provides a unique opportunity for students to be part of one of the world’s foremost humanitarian organisations. Benefits include CV boost, employability, risk assessment skills, and much more.
We are big on diversity, skill and social development, and volunteering in a happy environment. New members are very welcome. Join us today!

Please note that the membership is free but is subject to change at any point; we will notify you immediately if a change occurs.




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