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Hello! You have had the fortune of coming accross our webpage. In summary we are a friendly bunch who get together and do a different activity every Thursday, in Scout/Guide style, with a bit of camping/adventure thrown in at the weekends. We are also part of the national Student Scout and Guide Organisation - SSAGO.  If you want to get involved sign up below and join our facebook group more information read on...


What does A.U.S.S.A.G.S. stand for and who is it for?

Aberdeen Universities Student Scout and Guide Society (A.U.S.S.A.G.S) is a society for all those with an interest in Scouting or Guiding. Whether you've been a Scout or a Guide before or not it doesn't matter, we are open to all uni students studying in the city. Some members might as well have be born wearing a necker and a woggle, whereas others wouldn't have had a clue what a woggle was at the start. All are welcome.  

What does the society do?

We do a bit of everything! Every thursday evening we'll get together and do something different; sometimes we're inside, sometimes we're out, sometimes we venture a little further afield from Aberdeen. Some of the activities we did last year include;

  • Cooking - Ready Steady Cook Competition + Pancake Pioneering
  • Craft - Soap Carving, Painting, Tie-Dying
  • Outdoor Adventure - Archery, Orienteering, Campfires, Hiking, Camping
  • Going out - Pub quiz, Christmas Meal, Pub Crawl, Kings Awards Ball + Ceilidh
  • Chill out - Film Night, Pudding Party
  • + lots more :)

As a society we decide our programme together so if something takes your fancy, let the committee know and we'll see what we can do. 

All the activities sound good, but do you do anything else for example volunteering?

Yes we do. If you are interested in regular volunteering with young people locally we have links with all Scout and Guide sections (ages 5-18years). A lot of our members are volunteers either at uni or at home so AUSSAGS can be a great platform for sharing programme ideas and maybe getting a bit of help.

If you can't commit to regular volunteering but still want to get involved, as a society we volunteer at one off events such as the Templars Campsite Fireworks. Here members go out together making for a fun evening where we  help set up and marshal the event (there is also the option to stay overnight if you'd like to help with the take down).  We are also looking into helping run a first aid event in the district this year for Brownies and Cubs.

Do you go camping?

Yes! AUSSAGS is part of a the national Student Scout and Guide Organisation (S.S.A.G.O.) (see here for more info  this is effectively a network of university Scout and Guide Societies. As part of SSAGO we attend national camps around the UK called rallies where we meet other students and generally have a good time with some dressing up, activities, day trips and partying.  There are three rallies and one SSAGO Ball anually, the location of these changes every year. This past year we went to Manchester, Leeds, Cardif and Plymouth.

We also go away for weekends more locally. This year we are hoping to have a Freshers trip to Balmoral and a joint camp with Aberdeen Network if you guys are up for it! 

When do you meet?

Every Thursday evening and some weekends. Keep an eye on our facebook page for the most up to date information (Search AUSSAGS on Facebook)

How much does it cost to join?

The membership fee is just £8 for the academic year and covers AUSSAGS and SSAGO membership plus activities insurance. 

Why join?

It's fun! Ultimately AUSSAGS is a society that gives you the opportunity to meet new people and do something little different each week, having fun at a student friendly price.  Come along and give us a try, be it Freshers or half way through your last semester in Aberdeen you're always welcome...

After reading all that lot you are probably needing a lie down and have no further questions, but if you do drop us an email or message us on facebook. 


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