ProtoTAU aims to design and manufacture a hydrogen fuel-cell prototype vehicle to compete in the annual Shell Eco-Marathon.

This interdisciplinary team of primarily engineering, science, and business students is dedicated to designing and manufacturing an ultra-efficient hydrogen fuel-cell prototype vehicle. ProtoTAU consists of 7 teams, which students from all disciplines can join. Come along if you want to be involved in what could be the fuel of the future! If you have any questions about the society, don't hesitate to email the team or one of our members directly! 

The committee and each of ProtoTAU's teams (below) have weekly meetings where anyone who is interested can join! Locations of the team meetings are subject to change. If you want to be sure to join a team meeting, please contact us via email or Discord (

ProtoTAU's Teams:

  • Aerodynamics,
  • Chassis and Structural,
  • Data and Telemetry,
  • Fuel Cell and Safety,
  • Motor Design and Control,
  • PR and Marketing,
  • Vehicle Dynamics.

Committee members:

  • President - Andrew Higgins,
  • Vice-President - Jonathan Pease,
  • Secretary - Alexis Goetcherian,
  • Treasurer - Kostas Lyssas,
  • Industry Liaison - Kate Kostick,
  • Safety Officer - Karthik Thakur,
  • Social Secretary - Vacant.







Please be aware, that we are not associated with TAU Racing. They are a different society, so if you are interested in petrol combustion engines please refer to TAU Racing's page


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