ProtoTAU is an engineering team from the University of Aberdeen that aims to compete in the Shell Eco-Marathon. The team of engineering and business students is dedicated to designing and manufacturing an efficient Hydrogen-powered prototype vehicle. The team consists of 7 sub-teams, which engineers from all disciplines can join. There are also additional opportunities for business and computer scientist students. Come along if you want to be involved in what could be, the fuel of the future! We are active on all major social media platforms, so if you have questions, we will be more than happy to answer!

Please be aware, that we are not associated with TAU Racing. They are a DIFFERENT team, so if you are interested in combustion engines please refer to TAU Racing's page

We are having weekly meetings anyone interested to take part is invited. There are several teams to choose from within ProtoTAU

  • Vehicle Dynamics - Nana Kwasi Agyemang,
  • Chassis and Structural: Team leader - Taylor Scully,
  • Aerodynamics: Team leader - Patrick Bennett,
  • Fuel Cell and Safety: Team leader - Evald Bregu,
  • Motor Design and Control: Team leader - Robin Faha,
  • Telemetry and Data Analysis: Team leader - Waqaas Zia,
  • Business and Marketing: Team leader - Eleanor Nixon;

Locations of the team meetings are subject to change. If you want to be sure to join a team meeting, please contact the respective team leaders or us directly. There are several teams to choose from within ProtoTAU, so feel free to join any meeting that interests you! To join the team please click on this link.

Please make sure you use your university account for MS Teams to join the ProtoTAU team.

Committee members:

  • Lauriana Luchita - President
  • Robin Faha - Secretary, Well-Being Officer
  • Patrick Bennett - Safety & COVID Officer
  • Evald Bregu - Social Secretary
  • Andrew Higgins - Vice-President
  • Kostas Lyssas - Treasurer

Social media links: