Women & Non-Binary Students' Forum

Women and Non-Binary Forum

Do you want to be involved in the Women and Non-Binary Students' Forum? Every students who self-defines as a woman or non-binary person is welcome.

The Women and Non-Binary Forum is a community at the University which exists to provide appropriate support for issues facing self-defining women and non-binary students and fight for our liberation. It is a liaison between societies, students and AUSA.

As well as sitting on both the executive committe and  student council, the forum also helps facilitate campaigns and events, concerning women and non-binary students on our campus and in the wider community. Over the past year we have had regular meetings and have put our full support behind the UCU Strike Action, having a Women and Non-Binary picket line on International Womens Day to make our Womens Strike material as well as highlighting how amount of labour we perform for free. We have supported AUSA's prioirty camapign Students Against Sexual Assault and applaud the work of those involved. Ensuring that all our work is contextualised by the wider picture of oppressive borders and austerity is vital. At the NUS womens conference our delegates voted for the new NUS Womens Officer, passed policy and also attended workshops and sessions on Tackling TERFS and on  the NUS' report into Staff-Student Misconduct. We have previously held events in solidaitary with those in both Ireland and Northern Ireland, as they fight for their basic reproductive rights. The repealing of the eighth ammendment in Ireland, has shown us the power of organising and of women working together to fight agaisnt the policing of their bodies. We hope that what has happened in Ireland can became an example to us, as in the UK abortion is still not legal and continues to sit in criminal law, and that the Westminister Governemnt uses its powers to give women in Northern Ireland their reproductive rights. We also hope that the Scottish Government uses its powers to ensure access to abortions,as currently provision is falling short.

There is more information as to our events and meetings on our Facebook group, which all self-defining women and non-binary people at the University of Aberdeen are welcome to join.

If you would like to find out more about this Forum please contact: women.nonbinary@ausa.org.uk