Latvian Society


This society was created last year, so it is still relatively new, but we have already held so many amazing and fun events. We have had an escape room event, film nights, beer pong evenings, we even went together to Edinburgh to vote in the parliamentary elections! We are up for experimenting with new ideas and we will try our best to make everyone feel at home at this fantastic university. Feel free to join this society even if you aren't Latvian, because all the events will be held in English, but get used to learning new Latvian words as we get very excited meeting other Latvians.

Our aims are:

To introduce and popularize Latvian culture and traditions amongst the University of Aberdeen students.

To ease the integration process for all new Latvian students in the University of Aberdeen.

To facilitate the transition back to Latvia for students who wish to return after their studies by offering cultural events and talking about ongoing matters.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our committee members:

Anita Podniece - (president)

Alexandre Grenville - (treasurer)

Anrijs Forsts - (secretary)