Aberdeen Student Parliament

ASP is one of the best student society at the University of Aberdeen. It is a replica of Westminster Parliament structured around the House of Commons. ASP allows students to debate in parliamentary settings and pass professionally drafted legislation. The aim of ASP is to encourage youth involvement in politics and teach legislative drafting skills. ASP provides the platform to enhance transferable skills in different areas and make a lifetime connection. It gives the opportunity to become a leader. 

Work of ASP

ASP is divided into two branches, the Commons and the legislative branch. The Commons is divided around political lines. It comprises of a Speaker, Prime minister, Party Leaders, and Party Members. One can become a member of an existing party or make a separate political party, subject to a minimum of ten members. Similarly, the legislative branch drafts bills for the government in the Commons and also suggests reforms to the law commission. The legislative branch gives an exciting opportunity to students who want to develop a legal career. A student can involve in either or both of the branches.


ASP has sponsorships from a range of clubs, restaurants and bars. ASP members get free AAA cards for Underground and Bridge Street social club and discount cards of Shakes and Cakes and Crema. ASP organize various pub crawls and other socials.

Join ASP and experience a real university life.


  • Israr Khan


  • Harry Bowles

Legislation Coordinator 

  • Oliver Pike


  • Ella Leppanen


  • Lucy Drummie  

The External Coordinator

Parliamentary Coordinator

  • Rory Neilson

Social Media Coordinator

  •  Rachel Bowden