Melee Society

Have you ever been interested in how it would be to wield a sword, axe, spear or any other medieval weapon? Have you ever wanted to try yourself in medieval combat, cavalry saber duel or stand in a shield wall? Now is your chance!

The society offers trainings for anyone interested, no matter how experienced you are. We train everything- from basic routines to clashes with multiple fighters on each side. 

Learn and train how to effectively (and in a safe manner) wield weapons of the Middle Ages - from seax, swords, and flails to Dane axes, spears and other two-handed armaments. Plans for introducing range weapons are in motion as well.

Anyone interested in Hema fighting, Knights Bohurts, experimental archeology, medieval crafts, reenactment, and history in general- is more than welcome. 

Become a warrior with a history-nerd twist! 


We train in AUSA Hall in Hillhead Village on Thursdays 19-21 and on Saturdays 12-14. First few sessions are free so come and try it out!