Aberdeen Universities newly established Australian Society aims to bring a flavour of Australian culture to sunny Aberdeen!

The Australian society welcomes not only Australian citizens but anyone with close connections to Australia who want to connect, socialise and learn more about the Australian culture.

Our aim is to encourage a welcoming, relaxed and positive environment in Aberdeen University, characteristics enriched within the Australian culture.

We also aim to plan and execute social events on Australian holidays such as Australia day and to have remembrance services on ANZAC day, for example, as these are often not celebrated in Scotland. Although there are not many Australian students in Aberdeen, we want all members to feel they can make close connections with others who have an interest and love for Australia through bringing a taste of Australia's rich and unique cultural heritage into the University of Aberdeen.

The society will organise numerous fundraisers and volunteering activities such as bake sales and beach cleans. Additionally, the Australian Society is affiliated with the Bobbin, Atik, Triple Kirks and Siberia and offer a range of food and drink discounts!