United Nations Association University of Aberdeen

UNA University of Aberdeen would like to advance your knowledge and interest in the United Nations, and promoting support for it, albeit in a spirit of critical loyalty. We seek to stimulate debate and action on how to make the UN more effective, transparent, inclusive and accountable. We want to equip you with knowledge about how the UN works and what it can achieve, realistically. We advocate for strong government support for the UN and seek to demonstrate why the UN matters. Thus, we want to call for active and progressive UK leadership at the UN. UNA University of Aberdeen wants to engage you in a diverse range of activities - seminars, workshops, meetings and conferences - on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and, additionally, give you a better understanding of the six main UN organs. Thus, we want to connect you to UN’s work and values by providing an interface between the UN and the University of Aberdeen. We believe that engaging with the UN and its work at a grassroots level encourages a collective spirit, which is essential in a world of competing interests. Consequently, we hope to encourage you to act on your responsibilities as a global citizen. Together, we can overcome global challenges and work towards achieving sustainable development. We support human dignity throughout all cities and want to promote multilateral support to global problems. We hope to have you on board!

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