The Wicca Society

Have you ever wondered about the belief systems that inspired witch hunts? Ever thought about horned gods, zodiac natal charts and the four elements that be? Then come by and check out the wiccan society. Whether you join us for a full moon potluck, some tarot and tea or to learn how to make your own candles and face masks - it's all magic/k!


Additionally, the wicca society recognizes how important our planet and environment is to us and we will look at self-sufficient and green approaches to the modern life we live.  From building our own little community garden to learning various aspects of energy conservation, it’s all about re-connecting with our home.


So blessed be and feel welcomed by our society. We're new on campus and inclusive to all whether you are a practicing believer or simply curious about what wicca is - feel free to stop by and find out if we vibe. And don't worry, we don't bite (we have spells for that) .

To find our events buy our membership to be on our mailing list or check the facebook page!