Aberdeen Political Economy Group (APEG)

About Us

APEG's aim is to create a pluralistic, inter­-disciplinary forum that actively promotes the exchange of ideas, resources and materials related to contemporary socio-political and economic issues.

We are convinced that scholarship must always be informed by a variety of perspectives, insights, and academic schools of thought. In this spirit, we host talks, panel debates, workshops, and other events for students and members of the general public.


Conference: Shifting Paradigms - Economics in the 21st Century

17-19 November 2017, University of Aberdeen

Join us at our annual conference featuring +++more than 20 select SPEAKERS from OXFORD, LEEDS, LSE, UCL, GREENWICH, KINGSTON, STIRLING, the NEW ECONOMICS FOUNDATION and, of course, ABERDEEN! +++

With Shifting Paradigms, we aim to create a critical and diverse academic forum to uncover and debate the economic challenges of our time. These include:

1. The Ecological Boundaries of the Planet
2. The Political Economy of Gender, Race, and Religion
3. Macroeconomic Policy & the Crisis of Global Finance
4. The Future of Automation and Artificial Intelligence


We are also holding an essay competition, which will endow gifted undergraduate students with the unique opportunity to present their papers at a real academic conference. Per each of our four topics, three winning essays will be selected. Travel, accommodation, and ticket costs will be covered for all twelve winners of the competition. Make sure to submit your paper - don't pass up this chance!

For more information about any aspect of our conference please consult our website

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