Aberdeen Political Economy Group (APEG)

About Us

APEG's aim is to create a pluralistic, inter­-disciplinary forum that actively promotes the exchange of ideas, resources and materials related to contemporary socio-political and economic issues.

We are convinced that scholarship must always be informed by a variety of perspectives, insights, and academic schools of thought. In this spirit, we host talks, panel debates, workshops, and other events for students and members of the general public. This year we will also organise our third international academic conference: 

Shifting Paradigms 2019 

Join us for our international conference on your future: 

8 - 10 November 2019, University of Aberdeen

This year’s conference is centred around three themes: well-being, growth and crisis.

In the past, economics has seen growth as a matter of output and employment, the higher the better. However, modern societies are increasingly concerned with the well-being of humans in such a system. The global challenges of unstable financial markets, automisation and climate change have led to a shift in perception of what is important. Hence, economic discourse has to be held to create an economy that works for everyone and protects our planet.

We are excited to be welcoming speakers and students from all over Europe and beyond, including:

• Steve Keen on the incredible inertia of paradigms in economics
• Eric Osiakwan on building the digital economy in Africa starting with the KINGS
• Ruth Kinna on anarchist economics
• Lisa Hough-Stewart on the well-being economy

You can find the tickets at the bottom of this page.

For more information about the conference please consult our website https://www.shiftingparadigms.co and our facebook page here.

Membership Benefits

As a member of our society you will profit from discounted tickets for Shifting Paradigms and other economic conferences in the UK. With a membership you are also invited to join us for trips to economic forums all around Scotland and possibly the UK. Finally, you can have a say in all issues concerning APEG and vote at our Annual General Meeting.

We are looking forward to see and hear from you :)