Welcome to our society! After successfully reastiblishing the society over the last year,  we are happy to say that we have some great volunteering projects for this year. 

The Dirty Weekenders exist to be the link between multiple organisations anc charities (ranging from social work to conservation) and students, so that you know where volunteers are needed at all times. We'll inform you of different volunteering opportunities and then its up to you to decide if you want to help and just sign up!

The membership fee will allow us to partially refund your travel expenses if you volunteer repeatedly.  We'll also try and provide you with the safety equipment needed for different types of volunteering and hopefully cover some of the travel costs to the diverse volunteering placements.

Our current regular volunteering is on Fridays at the botanical gardens, Saturdays at Halfpenny Farm Animal Sanctuary and Absafe Volunteering on Tuesdays-Wednesdays. We are in the process of arranging a few more regular volunteering ties which we will be posting on the facebook page.  In addition to regular events we also help out with individual, one off charity events including in the past Halloween/Santa runs, fundraisers, and even volunteering at a charity ball.

Keep in mind that volunteering looks great on your CV and you can count the hours for Saltire! 

Whether you like getting your hands 'dirty' or if you like a more formal volunteering this is the society for you. 

Check out our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dirtyweekenders/

To sign up for events we ask that you pay your yearly one off membership and then we will add you to the closed group where you can sign up for events and be kept up to date on any new events throughout the term. https://www.facebook.com/groups/DirtyWeekendersMembers/?ref=group_header