We're home to over 50 sports clubs, many of whom compete at the highest level in national competitions.



One of the best ways to test our floorball skills is by playing actual games, that is why we participate in various competitions around the year. We usually have room for 9-12 people to participate in each tournament so everyone gets their chance at some point if they want to play in the competitive matches. No previous experience is required and we have had many beginners joining us for the tournaments. Remember that even though the competitions might sound fancy, floorball is a small sport in Scotland and these are competely amateur competitions. So, if you have interest in playing, don't hesitate to ask our coach and committee for more information.



Floorball is not really the biggest sport in the country and that is why we play in the top tier of Scottish floorball. Throughout the year we play against the other Scottish teams to determine the champion of Scotland. Other teams in the country include our local rivals Aberdeen Oilers, Edinburgh Unicorns, Hawick Hawks and many others. We have usually finished around 2nd and 3rd places so let's hope we can challenge for the title next season!



We also compete in the Scottish Cup each year. The Cup usually takes place before the league season starts and it is a very good opportunity for less experienced players to get some game time and learn what it takes to compete on the "national level" ;)


Aberdeen Uni Floorball Club top scorers by season
2018-2019 2019-2020 2021-2022
1. Marcus Iredahl 16+13=29 1. Jan Krajnik 10+7=17 1. Elmo Torppa 8+2=10
2. Brian Schiffrer 19+8=27 2. Elmo Torppa 9+8=17 2. Lauri Manninen 6+4=10
3. Elmo Torppa 11+10=21 3. Aksel Tiesmäki 8+5=13 3. Jan Hukari 4+3=7
4. Lauri Manninen 12+4=15 4. Lauri Manninen 7+4=11 4. Lan Oberzan 3+1=4
5. Robo Balluch 11+3=14

5. Michal Skopal 4+6=10

5. Aksel Tiesmäki and David Balla 2+2=4