AUSA is working hard to ensure that sustainability is a cross-cutting theme in everything we do as a Students’ Association. 

We want to act as environmental leaders and encourage our student body to learn more about and engage with environmental initiatives, campaigns, and behaviours.

The Environment and Ethics Committee, chaired by the Vice President for Communities, consists of elected student representatives who work hard to raise awareness of issues around environmental and social justice. They run campaigns, support, influence, and develop activities, initiatives, and policies that guide the Students’ Association. 

The Environment and Ethics Committee also holds the Students’ Association and the University accountable for their work within the sustainability and human rights, their implementation of policies and strategic decision within the organisations.

They also have various societies focused on environmental causes. 

Find out more about the Environment and Ethics Committee here.

AUSA have various student-led initiatives with a sustainability at its core.

Bike Hire Scheme

AUSA has three bikes that you can borrow free of charge to encourage you to travel actively and reduce your carbon footprint. Bikes are available to be booked our for up to a week at a time.
Click here to find out more about the Bike Hire Scheme.

The Corner

The Corner is a not-for-profit and non-surplus-generating food co-operative that aims to provide university students, staff and members of the wider Aberdeen community with a range of ethical, affordable products. They sell a vast array of wholefoods, snacks, cooking essentials, drinks and toiletries. The Corner is run by Shared Planet Society’s volunteers and they are committed to sustainability and affordability.
Click here to find out more about The Corner.


A VegBag is made up of seasonal, organic and as local as possible fruit and vegetables. These can be ordered from the Shared Planet Society and be picked up weekly from campus. VegBags can be ordered at The Corner or via the AUSA website.
Click here to find out more about VegBags and get updates.


The SwapShop is an innovative, eco-friendly student-run initiative for exchanging products. You can donate or take items such as clothing, books, decorations, kitchen items and much more - everything is free. SwapShop is run by the Shared Planet Society. There is a permanent shop located on the ground floor of the AUSA Students' Union Building. We have a second branch in the AUSA building in Hillhead (opening times may vary).  
Click here to find out more about the SwapShop and how to donate.

FoodSharing Hub

The FoodSharing Hub exists as part of the FareShare movement, which aims to tackle food waste. Shared Planet Society volunteers collect surplus food from local supermarkets and bring it to the FoodSharing Hub. The food there is free for you to take and you can also donate certain foods and give back to the community.

Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is your community space for growing on campus. Located next to the Butchart Recreational Centre on the Kings College campus, the garden is a convenient and a perfect blend of a sheltered, sunny and tranquil space.
Click here to find out more about the Secret Garden.