LGBTQ+ History Month


LGBTQ+ History Month 

LGBTQ+ History Month is an annual month-long observance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history, and the history of the gay rights and related civil rights movements. It was founded in 1994 by Missouri high-school history teacher Rodney Wilson. LGBTQ+ History Month provides role models, builds community, and represents a civil rights statement about the contributions of the LGBTQ+ community. The overall aim of LGBTQ+ History month is to promote equality and diversity.  


Get Involved 

LGBTQ+ Forum 

The LGBTQ+ Forum was created as a safe space for everyone within the LGBTQ+ community. They organise events every week, such as game nights, craft evenings, movie screenings, and bi-weekly teas. Visit their Facebook page or page on the AUSA website


Trans Students' Forum 

The Trans Students' Forum is a space for trans students at Aberdeen University to make their voices heard and campaign on their own behalf for liberation on and off-campus. The forum is open to all students who identify as trans on a self-defining basis, the definition of 'trans' taken to encompass all trans, non-binary, genderqueer, and non-cisgender identities, as well as those questioning your gender identity. Visit their Facebook page or page on the AUSA website


Women & Non-Binary Students' Forum 

The Women and Non-Binary Forum is a community at the University which exists to provide appropriate support for issues facing self-defining women and non-binary students and fight for our liberation. It is a liaison between societies, students and AUSA.   


Aberdeen University Resources  

The University of Aberdeen aims to provide a safe and welcoming environment. In 1495 the University was founded on the principle of being open to all and dedicated to the pursuit of truth in the services of others. Find a list of resources and contacts on equality, diversity and inclusion here



AUSA Advice 

AUSA Advice can offer advice and information on a wide variety of topics relating to health and wellbeing. To find out more or to book a Wellbeing Advice Clinic visit the AUSA Advice website here.    


Useful Links 

LGBTQ+ History Month  

Mind Out: LGBTQ+ Mental Health service

Bi Pride UK’s mission is to create spaces where people who experience attraction beyond gender can be freely visible and celebrate themselves and their identities.

Colours Youth Network creates a space for LGBTQ+ young people of colour to explore and love the fullness of who they are.  


Find out more about...

The University’s LGBTQ+ Society: A short History  

Learn about the history of the University’s LGBTQ+ Society here.   


Trans History Timeline  

Learn about the timeline of Trans history here.