Safe Taxi Scheme



Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the scheme?

The scheme is only for fully matriculated and current University of Aberdeen or RGU students who have a valid student number and ID card.

How does the taxi get paid?

AUSA has set up an account with Rainbow City Taxi's and we will pay all fares on the scheme. Students will then be responsible for repaying the outstanding debt to  AUSA  in order to get their student card back.

How long will it take for me to get my card back?

Rainbow City Taxis will strive to return cards as soon as possible, but it depends on factors such as the date and time of booking, e.t.c. Use over the weekend would mean the earliest student's card could be returned to the relevant union would be the start of the week. Students will be notified by e-mail when the card is returned to the union. 


How do I repay AUSA?

You must come to the  AUSA Office in the Students' Union Building, with your taxi receipt and cash to get your student card returned. We currently are unable to accept any card payments, so only cash would be accepted. 


Is there a limit to the fare?

There is a maximum fare of £25.00 for any journeys on the scheme. This is to protect us from any serious misuse of the scheme. 


What happens if I am unable to repay the fare?

If you are in a situation of financial hardship but needed to use the service in an emergency, this would be considered sympathetically by AUSA and Rainbow City Taxis. Students would be referred to student support services and advice departments. However, any unpaid debts as a result of misusing the system will be subject to investigation and could result in a non-academic misconduct case. 


What if I don't have my student card?

It may be possible in very extreme circumstances if a student is deemed by the driver to be in serious danger or distress, for a student to use an alternative ID, or a signed slip with their student ID number to confirm the booking. 


Why is the scheme 'safe'?

AUSA has chosen to partner with Rainbow City Taxis based on their reputation as a safe taxi firm in Aberdeen. Rainbow City Taxis operate GPS tracking in all of their vehicles, as well as ensuring that all of their drivers apply for a PVG check. They also operate a text system that verifies the booked taxi's colour, make, and registration plate, ensuring that students only get in the designated taxi where there will be a clear record of the booking.