Academic Appeals

What is an Academic Appeal?

An academic appeal is an appeal by a student against an academic decision. This can be the grading of a paper or exam, removal of class certificate, awarding of a specific degree classification or the refusal to allow progression with your course.

If you want to appeal you need grounds (good reason), academic appeals will only be considered on grounds where:

  1. it is believed that the University’s rules have not been followed or; 
  2.  it is believed that an individual has made the decision outside their remit or;
  3.  It is believed that the person or body making the decision did so with bias;

And as a result you considers that you have suffered, or could suffer, material disadvantage.

You cannot appeal based on the academic judgement of the teching staff.

If you want more advice on submitting an appeal or are unsure if you have ground to appeal please come to the AUSA Advice based in AUSA Students' Union (The Hub) or send an email to

How do I appeal a decision?

 In the first instance you should try to resolve the problem in an informal manner by discussing it with the relevant individual (e.g. the school office). You should contact this person within 10 working days of the matter arising and you should receive a response within 5 working days. It is important that you do this as if you later formalise your appeal or complaint you will be asked to demonstrate the steps you took to resolve the matter informally.

If you decide to formalise your appeal or complaint you should complete Part A of an Appeals and Complaints Form and return it to within 5 working days.

We can look over this before you send it away to make sure you have included the relevant information. At this stage you MUST include all relevant supporting evidence such as a medical certificate.

 Once your form has been submitted, a case officer will be appointed, your submission will be acknowledged and a copy will be passed to the relevant Head of School or Service.  Within 10 working days of your submission a meeting will be arranged at which the Head of School or Service (or representative) will review the issue with you and attempt to find a resolution.  You can bring a representative from the Students Association, a family member or friend along with you to the meeting.  If you want an AUSA representative you need to get in contact with AUSA Advice as soon as possible to allow for a review of your case. 

After your appeal meeting you will be advised in writing of the outcome of the meeting within 3 working days.

You will receive the outcome through Part B of the Appeals and Complaints procedure.  

If you remain unsatisfied with the outcome you may request a further institutional review.  To do this you must submit a part C Appeal or Complaint form within 5 working days of receiving the outcome. This is your last opportunity to submit new evidence.  This form should be returned to


Your amended form will be considered by a “Grounds to Proceed” Panel, a decision will be communicated to you within 5 working days.  At this stage the panel may reject your appeal where it deems there to be insufficient grounds to proceed (e.g. you are questioning academic judgement).  Where there are grounds to proceed, a formal hearing of an Appeal or Complaint Panel will take place within 20 working days of your submission. The appeal panel will consist of 2 member of academic stff from outwith your school and a student officer. The hearing will consider your form and submitted evidence, and you will be advised of the outcome and any proposed remedy on the day of the hearing.  A letter detailing this hearing will be provided within 3 working days.

For more Information

See the below documents or visit the University Appeals and Complaints page.

You can also pop along to see us at AUSA Advice for any queries about your case, and what to do next.