Nature and Wildlife

Local Places to See Wildlife 

Viewing local wildlife is a great way to connect and engage with your surroundings in order to feel part of something beautiful and larger than yourself. This type of activity asks us to be fully present in the moment and to accept nature for what it is, not what we wish it was, which can be a useful step toward trying to have the same attitude of acceptance toward ourselves. Plus, who doesn’t want to look at cute animals? Here’s a list of our top suggestions for local places to spot some cool creatures.  


Aberdeen Beach (Dolphins)
Accessibility Info: Partially wheelchair accessible.  

Newburgh Seal Beach (Seals) 
Accessibility Info: Not wheelchair accessible. 

Duthie Park (Ducks) 
Accessibility Info: Mostly wheelchair accessible but with some steep slopes & uneven ground. Entry 5 not fully accessible. See pdf of route for full details. 

Kirkhill Forest (Deer)
Accessibility Info: Various paths & trails, most of which are suitable for wheelchair access.

Northeast Falconry Centre (Birds of Prey)
Accessibility Info: Phone 07717 705994 for accessibility info. 

Field Falconry (Birds of Prey) 
Accessibility Info: Can meet in a fully accessible area if required.


Top 5 Wildlife Live Cams

Have a look at our favourite accounts that feature wildlife. Do you want to watch some wild animals live? You can! (@exploreorg)
Your favourite live nature network. Watch videos with adorable pandas, zebras, hawks, and a lot more! Go follow them! 

San Diego Zoo Cams (@sandiegozoo
World-famous Zoo operated by the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, an international non-profit committed to creating a world where all life thrives. Have a look at their profile to see beautiful animal kingdom all the way from San Diego. 

The Wildlife Trust Cams (@thewildlifetrusts)  
Restoring, recreating and reconnecting nature on land and at sea in the UK, Isle of Man and Alderney. Follow them to see the beautiful images of UK nature. 

Edinburgh Zoo Cams (@edinburghzoo)
Edinburgh Zoo, home of the penguin parade. Learn about wildlife conservation. Go follow them now! 

Wolf Conservation Center (@wolfconservationcenter
The @wolfconservationcenter in South Salem, NY teaches about wolves and their importance to a healthy ecosystem. Head over to their profile to have a look at the beautiful wolves.


Art in Nature

Finding a way to be creative with nature is an amazing way to stay present in your surroundings. Take a look at some of our favourite earth artists on Instagram to see how they use their environment to stay connected with the world around them. Taking some time to look at nature art (which often plays on elements of symmetry, balance, and harmony) can sometimes provide a much-needed backdrop for mindful & meditative thinking. And who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to make some of your own!? 

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