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AUSA is so proud of all the work that students do to make AUSA and the Aberdeen University community what it is!  To help recognise this, we are hosting the “AUSA Student Celebration”! This event aims to celebrate all the outstanding work happening on our campus and give students the opportunity to say thanks to those who have helped them during the last year or their time at University.  

As part of this celebration on Thursday 24th June, we will be streaming both the Colours Awards and SA Awards live, and promoting a Gratitude Noticeboard. For more information on the awards and the noticeboard, please visit the appropriate headings below. 


Nominations are now open for this year’s Students' Association Awards! These awards aim to celebrate the hard work and achievements of students involved in all areas of AUSA. All nominations received are considered by a panel made up of AUSA’s Sabbatical Officers who shortlist the entries and choose the winners. 

An online ceremony will take place on Thursday 24th June where award winners will be announced live! Watch the awards from 7pm on AUSA’s Facebook or find the stream on our YouTube channel.  

If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else, please take note of the following key dates: 


20/21 SA Award Categories 


Above and Beyond Award 

This award is given to a student who has gone above and beyond for students, the student community, local community or a charity. They have given up time to go that extra mile and make a positive impact. 

Shortlisted candidates:
Laibah Tariq
Matthew Angell
Laura Irvine 


Big Heart Award 

This award is for a group of students (i.e. society, campaign, fora, or Student Group) that has exceeded their society's aims and objectives and gone above and beyond for others. It's not all about giving and/or raising money - it's about spreading good will to others less fortunate - time and resources go a long way to helping any organisation. 

Shortlisted candidates:
ABDN CASE (Aberdeen University Consent Awareness and Sexual Education Group) 
Aberdeen Student's Nightline


Campaign of the Year Award 

This award is given to the campaign run by a student or group of students in 20/21. The campaign will have been engaging and had a positive effect for the student population and the wider community. 

Campaigner of the Year Award 

This award is given to the student who has shown dedication and commitment to campaigning throughout the year. 

Shortlisted candidates:
Emily Varley 
Jeevan Bains 
Sarah Eggleton 
Bruce Donald 

Most Engaged Award  

This award is given to a student who has been incredibly engaged in many areas of AUSA.  Examples are holding multiple roles in their time at AUSA creating positive impact in aspects such as Student Activities, Student Council, campaigns, RAG, Class Reps etc. 

Shortlisted candidates:
Tanya Sawhney 
Alisa Koester 
Beatrix Livesey-Stephens 

Old Aberdeen Community Award 

This award is given to a student/student group/society/for a/Sport Club who has had an impact/made a difference within the local Old Aberdeen community, whether it be through Charity work, volunteering etc. 

Shortlisted candidates:
Shared Planet Society – Foodsharing 
Diego Bustío García 

Student Activities Champion of the Year Award 

This award can be awarded either to an individual or group of students.  A student nominee winner will have been dedicated and made a positive impact on Student Activities.  A Society/Sport/Student Group can be awarded for their work as a group to work together to raise the standards or create a new president within Student Activities at AUSA.

Shortlisted candidates:
Beatrix Livesey-Stephens 
Maria Annasdatter Kvarving 

Team of the Year Award 

Open to Student Groups and Fora – This award is for a dedicated committee that is open and inviting to new members/volunteers, as well as constantly looking to improve and add to the AUSA Student Community.  

Shortlisted candidates:
The Gaudie 

Student Leader of the Year Award 

The Student Leader of the Year Award is given to a student who has shown exceptional efforts and dedication within the AUSA community.  The winner of this award should have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills.  For example; communication, planning, building a team, organisation, meaningful impact withing their role etc. 

Shortlisted candidates:
Anne-Marie Wilson 
Beatrix Livesey-Stephens 
Emilia Nuotio 
Alisa Koester 
Rosie Benny 
Domitilla Di Stefano 

AUSA Green Award 

This award is given to a student/student group/fora/society/club/campaign that has shown exceptional efforts and dedication to environmental sustainability within the AUSA community, the University, and/or the local community. They have left a positive and lasting impact and have inspired other students to get involved in environmentalism. 


We can’t wait to read your nominations! 





The AUSA Sport Colours Awards are for individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to their club at Aberdeen. The award takes into account not only sporting achievement but also positions of responsibility, fundraising and developing new players among others. They are awarded at two levels, Colours and Colours with Distinction.  

An online ceremony will take place on Thursday 24th June where award winners will be announced live! Watch the awards from 4pm on AUSA’s Facebook or find the stream on our YouTube channel. 


The nomination must be made on behalf of the nominee by a member of the Club committee, this could be a committee member from either 20/21 or 21/22. The nominee must have shown dedication to the club through various activities such as fundraising, committee position, events, games, training, transport etc. The award is either of Colours or Colours with Distinction.  




Has there been a peer, friend, teacher or support staff who has supported you over the last year, or made your University experience more enjoyable? Why not show your appreciation with a message of thanks which we will feature on our Gratitude Noticeboard on Thursday 24th June.  


To get involved and help us spread some good vibes, please complete this short form where you can add your message  

  • Closing date is 9am on Monday 21st June 

  • Please keep messages to 50 words max 

  • Gratitude Noticeboard will go live on Thursday 24th June and be visible until the end of July. 

  • Please note AUSA will only post appropriate messages which are in-line with AUSA’s safe space policy.  

  • By submitting your message, you agree that this can be used on the “Gratitude Noticeboard’ and for press/media relations. 

  • AUSA reserves the right to edit or remove any material submitted to our website. If an edit is suggested, will be in touch.  

  • Example message: "I would like to thank Rory Morrison for his support with my 4th year dissertation! His suggestions and words of encouragement during a stressful time pushed me to finish, and I am grateful for his friendship" 


Thanks for getting involved!  


Thu 24th June

Gratitude Board
24th June midnight - 11:59pm
Colours Awards
24th June 4pm - 5pm
SA Awards
24th June 7pm - 8pm
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