Re-focus Campaign

What is a Refocus campaign?

During these unprecedented times we find ourselves focusing on many scary and bad things that are happening just now. We want to draw your attention to successes and accomplishments of our Student Activities - societies, sports clubs, forums and groups. We would like you to 'refocus' on a lot of great things that the student community is doing. Keep an eye on our social media channels over next few Sundays to see what the student activities accommplished and how they are adapting.

What are Student Activities saying...

"We would like to take part because we want to highlight all the benefits that come with the university sport and to encourage new members to have the same great experience that we’ve all had! We’re looking forward to building on last year’s successes!” – Swimming and Waterpolo Club

“We want to join this campaign because there are still positive things happening and it is important to remind ourselves of the joy in the world.?We are looking forward to our British Sign Language workshop as this is an event enjoyed by all and will work well online!” - Cerys McGonigal, Secretary of Sensory Awareness Society

“We are taking part in this campaign as we believe it is important to promote positivity and share our successes. We also feel it is important to raise awareness of other issues such as mental health, which is why we are taking part!” - Ben Williams, Secretary of the Aberdeen University Concert Band

"We would like to participate in the campaign to show people that it is possible to do sports on their own at home. This year we are mostly looking forward to welcoming new members and enhancing our skills, whether online or face-to-face with restrictions in place." - President of the Taekwondo Club

”We are participating in this campaign to emphasise the positives and to focus on the possibilities of this term instead of getting caught up in the limitations. We are looking forward to exploring all the new and different ways of interacting with one another and making the most of this semester, whatever it has in store for us.” - Aberdeen University Kickboxing Club

“In tough times it’s important that we come together and support each other as we adapt to a new way of living, a new way of studying, and tackle new challenges. We can’t wait to see both our new and returning members training together safely as we build our community and our sporting success.” - Rifle Club

"We're taking part to consolidate the sense of community within the university, and the thing we're most looking forward to is making the most of our trainings." - Gymnastics Club

"The Tea Society is joining this campaign because we are hoping to remind our fellow students that, especially in times such as these, a hot cuppa can connect us even from a distance. This year we are looking forward to meeting lots of new people from all over the world through a love of tea." - Tea Society

"We are extremely excited to be part of this campaign as we’d love to share all the new and different activities, we’ve been holding during COVID. We loved holding these events to connect with new and returning students during these trying times and we want to share this to encourage people to do the same. We look forward to hopefully being able to hold face to face events soon and especially the Biomed Ball, which we're all very excited about!" - Biomedical Sciences Society

"We are excited to be part of Refocus and we think students deserve the opportunity to show all the good we have been doing. This year, we are looking forwarding to expanding our fundraising reach, and hopefully engaging and educating students on nuclear weapons." - Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament 

"Trampoline are taking part in this campaign to help students keep healthy and active this year.  We look forward to seeing all of our members learn many new skills and meeting some new members too!" - Trampoline Club

"AUARFC is joining this campaign because we feel it is important to stay active physically and mentally during this difficult period of time. We want to showcase to the public our positive spirit and our willingness to adapt to new challenges, while engaging with fellow students both old and new." - All Round Fighting Club

"We are interested in the campaign as it is a great collaboration between sports clubs and societies to promote the values and ideals that we all share and strive towards." - AU Lawyers Without Borders Society

"The Refocus Campaign is important to us because we want to promote sport during this weird time and show that playing sports is still possible. Sport won’t be the same as it was used to be, but it’s still possible enjoying it and meet new people by strictly following the rules that we have put in place. Sport is also a way to get away from this reality and keep being active." - Volleyball Club

“I am taking part in this campaign to spread positivity and awareness that we are all doing our best to get through this strange time in the best way possible, by supporting and taking care of ourselves and each other” - Emily Varley, University Of Aberdeen Women's Football Club 

"The Marine Society are taking part in the campaign to help increase positivity and the mental wellbeing of members by giving opportunities to meet people outside of class and halls, and to also support our members who may be struggling. We are looking forward to having new events that are engaging and fun for everyone." - The Marine Society